Translation & Interpretation

Interpretation and Translation for all kinds of occasions, whether you have a significant international conference or a small business meeting we can help, will provide you with excellent professional interpretation services between Tigrinya and English, Amharic and English languages. We have experienced interpreters for conferences, conventions, courtroom proceedings, depositions, other legal proceedings, human resource meetings, interviews, medical appointments, press conferences, seminars, shopping, speeches, teleconferences, tours, trade shows, training courses, workshops, medical appointments, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars and other types of events.
We Can help for African Languages Translation and others…
1. Tigrinya Eritrean
2. Tigre Eritrean
3. Saho Eritrean
4. Kunama Eritrean
5. Afar  Eritrean
6. Swahli Kenya
7. Amharic Ethiopian
8. Oromo Ethiopian
9. Arabic Sudan
10. Arabic Morokian
11. Arabic Yemeni
12. Somali  Somalian
13. Bangladesh
14. Spanish
15. Italian Italy
16. Greek Hellenic